The origin and symptoms of fear of driving

symptoms of fear of driving

Amaxophobia is an uncontrollable and often irrational fear of driving any vehicle . The reasons are many and can be combined. This can be due to post-traumatic stress following a violent accident , a lack of self-confidence , a terrifying fear of driving after a recent licence … Anyway, it is indeed a driving phobia..

But in some cases, the fear of driving can be linked to a personality disorder :”Dependents” who have had too close an attachment with one of the family members,The “anxious” who see danger everywhere and a fortiori in a vehicle,

The “agoraphobes” who are afraid of losing control and not being able to flee or be rescued

Even if the danger is most of the time imaginary, it is difficult for the subject concerned to be rational and not to anticipate a breakdown, a possible accident, or even worse, dying at the wheel. Because that’s what it’s all about. The imminent fear of losing control and losing your skin and that of others.

Stomach aches, tremors,increased heart rate, dizziness…The symptoms of stressare very impressive and only exacerbate the feeling of insecurity. Then panic sets in and it escalates.

And as soon as the key is in the ignition, apprehension rears its head…When the more daring manage to drive on short trips, the others are already panicking when it comes time to buckle up.Then come stress peaks that manifest themselves for trivialities . This may be :

The vehicle that stalls in traffic

A driver who honks because he is in a hurry Or the passage of a too long tunnel or even a semi-trailer which doubles in full turn

Not to mention the fear of driving on the highway, which seems to be the most trying situation for people with amoxophobia. Because there is no escape, we must move forward at all costs. And no question of driving at 30 km per hour, because the “pack” is behind and has nothing to do!

Hypnosis: an effective way to eliminate your fear of driving

Are you terrified of driving your vehicle and your fear paralyzes you? Treat yourself to hypnosis sessions ! There’s nothing like it to de-stress and take the wheel with complete peace of mind . What does hypnotherapy consist of?

The majority of the data of our “history”, namely our culture, our family and professional upheavals , our sufferings or our traumas are stored in our unconscious and dictate our daily behavior. We therefore act under the impulse of our “unconscious” without our state of consciousness having a say. And we always reproduce the same acts as if they were stuck to our personality and could no longer escape.

How does hypnosis work? Through our therapist’s verbal suggestions and involvement, we journey into our inner self and bring to the surface the object of our torments. Then, we replace it with brand new perspectives that fit into the present moment and respond perfectly to our wants and needs. The new pleasure of driving is part of it… Tensions dissipate, well-being gains ground, the road is no longer a danger.

Abdominal breathing or how to stay calm while driving

If you feel the stress invading you because you have fifty kilometers to drive to see your next client, do not panic.abdominal breathingwill help you pass the course without difficulty:Get into your vehicle, Connect your FM to “Classic Radio”,Close your eyes and…breathe.

But not like you usually do, no. We are talking here aboutabdominal breathing. The one that babies adopt spontaneously . That is to say, they breathe with both their lungs and their belly. Unfortunately, this breathing of early childhood very quickly becomes a breathing of “survival” which only adapts to our way of life and only devotes itself to the vital breathing of our lungs.

Abdominal breathing consists of:

Place the palm of one hand on your stomach ,Inhale while inflating it ,block his breathing for a few seconds and exhale emptying his stomach until there is not a single breath of air left in his cavity.We bet that in 10 breathing cycles you will feel much calmer and ready to go…

Work on the fear of driving with the TheraSerena program

When you have unexplained phobias, stress triggers fear and fear feeds stress. A vicious circle sets in and only lets go once the “stressful” episode has passed.

And acting on stress also means acting on the fear that causes it. This is the reason why stress management in parallel with therapy aimed at treating amaxophobia would be the most appropriate attitude.

This is what the TheraSerena program offers you, which is based on thebehavioral and cognitive therapies to de-stressyour anxiety and deeply calm the emotions and feelings responsible for your fear of driving.

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