what do the blue and green lights on a car mean

lights on a car mean

Red lights on your car indicate an emergency . This is a problem that should lead you to stop immediately , because your car cannot move like this. These are serious problems, generally related to the temperature of the engine, the battery or even braking .

Here is what the red lights on your car mean:

Battery Light : This light, which represents a small battery , indicates a problem with the battery, alternator , or starter . For example, it could be a charging problem. It is likely that you will soon be unable to start at all if this light comes on.

Power Steering Light : This light represents a steering wheel with an exclamation mark next to it. When it comes on, it tells you that your power steering system is faulty.

Handbrake light: This light can be a P in the middle of a circle or an exclamation point surrounded by a circle. It indicates in particular that the handbrake is engaged but can also signal another brake problem.

Engine Oil Light : This represents a small oil can and indicates an oil pressure problem, which may be caused by a leak. Some cars have a second warning light to indicate an overheating engine oil problem, which represents an oilcan with a thermometer.

Brake fluid warning light : it is a circle surrounding an exclamation point. This warning light may be the same as the handbrake . It tells you about a brake or brake fluid problem , such as a lack of fluid pressure.

Temperature light: This light represents a thermometer above liquid. It indicates a problem with the coolant or its circuit, which can lead to engine overheating and failure . Stop immediately and have your cooling system checked.

Transmission light : it represents a toothed wheel in the middle of which is an exclamation point. It only affects automatic cars and indicates a malfunction in the vehicle’s transmission.

Seat belt warning light: this warning light, which represents a person fastened by his seat belt , indicates that at least one seat belt is not fastened on board the vehicle. Hood, door or trunk open lights : Most cars only have one light representing a vehicle with the doors open, but some also have a light indicating the trunk open and another for the hood. In any case, these lights tell you that everything is not closed properly.

Anti-theft light: This car light represents a key and a steering wheel. Its meaning is a malfunction of your car’s anti-theft device, but the warning light can also indicate that your vehicle does not recognize its key.

car lights indicator

The lights on your car are there to give you information . If they are yellow or orange, this is an alert which does not immediately prevent you from driving but which you will have to deal with. If they are red, they signal a problem that requires your immediate attention and should cause you to stop immediately.

To these lights you must add the witnesses indicating the operation of the different lights of your car . They are mostly green in color, but there is also a blue light and a red light – the only one that does not represent an emergency.

Here is the list of warning lights related to your car’s lights :

Front fog lamp warning light: this is a green warning light representing a headlight and light to its left, in the form of a wavelet crossed out with several lines. When on, it tells you that your front fog lights are on too.

Rear fog lamp warning light: this is a yellow or orange warning light representing a headlight and the light to its right, always in the form of a vertical wavelet with crossed lines. It tells you how your rear fog lights are working.

Turn Signal Light : This is a green light that represents a left or right arrow, depending on which turn signal is on.

High beam warning light : this is the only blue warning light on your car. It represents a lighthouse , to the left of which horizontal lines represent light.

Dipped headlights warning light: this is a green warning light representing a headlight, to the left of which downward oblique lines represent the light. It means your dipped headlights are on.

Position lights warning light: this warning light is green and represents two headlights surrounded by lines symbolizing the light. It indicates the operation of your position lights.

Hazard warning light : this is the only red warning light linked to your car’s headlights. It is a triangle surrounding a second smaller triangle. It tells you that the vehicle’s hazard warning lights are on.

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