What used car to buy at a low price at auction? car

car to buy at a low price

That’s it ! After long hours of learning to drive, you finally obtained, not without difficulty, your driver’s license. For this you had to sacrifice your free time to revise your code, endure the reflections of the driving instructor and endure the stress of the final exam. After this painful initiation to driving, you finally have in your pocket the grail of freedom, the totem of independence: a small pink card which authorizes you to drive in total autonomy. No one (except the constabulary) will be able to prevent you from driving as you wish. You are officially a driver’s license holder!

Except that here, at this stage, there is still the most important thing to do: find a vehicle adapted to your budget and your needs.

And that’s good since many low-cost vehicles are presented at auctions!

In this article, we are going to share with you a selection of low-cost models that offer great versatility and are often purchased as a first car.Low cost cars ideal for new licenses

Renault Clio

We start with a must: the Renault Clio. This consumer model is in its 5th generation after 30 years of marketing and 15 million copies sold worldwide. A deserved success because this small city car is full of qualities, starting with its very attractive price and its great versatility.Our advice for buying a Clio:

Newer generations cost more than older models. If you are not interested in the interior electronic equipment brought by the new generations, it is possible to find CLIO 1 and 2 for less than €2,000 on the second-hand market.

If you do not absolutely need the seats in the back, company Clios are offered at a lower price, and generally benefit from rigorous maintenance and low mileage.Some examples of Clio sold at auction:

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