The biggest trucks in the world

biggest trucks

Monsters of power with extraordinary dimensions, the largest trucks in the world are designed to work on very large construction sites. You would think they were built in recent years. Yet one of them shook the earth in the 1950s. Focus on the biggest trucks in the world.

Berliet T100

Unveiled in 1957, the Berliet T100 was produced in only four examples. This construction truck is distinguished first and foremost by its phenomenal dimensions for its time: 15 m long and 5 m high. With a weight of 50 tons empty, the Berliet T100 was notably sent to Algeria to work in the mines. Tough and powerful with its 700 horsepower 15-cylinder engine, it was capable of moving over dunes and other difficult terrain. A true collector’s item, it currently rests in peace in the premises of the Berliet Foundation in Lyon. He comes out of his lair on a few occasions to show himself to the general public during exceptional events such as Heritage Days.

BelAZ 75710

You have to go to Belarus to find the biggest construction truck today. The BelAZ 75710 has been actively working in a Russian coal mine since 2014, in Siberia. It weighs 360 tons, is 20 m long and 8 m high. Its 4,600 horsepower engine allows it to travel at more than 60 km/h and move more than 3,800 tons of material per day.

Liebherr T282B

This 14.5 m long and 7.40 m high dumper has 5 tonne wheels over 4 m in diameter Michelin or Bridgestone. It has a 3,650 horsepower diesel electric motor. Intended for mining, the Liebherr T282B should be built in 60 units to operate on several continents (Australia, Chile, South Africa).

Turneau L-2350

Focus on the largest loader in the world produced by the American manufacturer LeTourneau. More than 20 m long, 7.5 m wide, 6.40 m high, weight of 265 tons, bucket with load capacity greater than 40 m3: this loader was born to carry out non-standard earthworks. Another special feature of the L-2350: an electric motor installed on each wheel.

Komatsu D575A

It was with immense pride that Japanese manufacturer Komatsu presented the world’s largest bulldozer, the D575A. As heavy as a whale (150 tonnes), it stretches over 11.70 m in length and is nearly 5 m high, for a width of 7.40 m. This car nicknamed Super Dozer operates across the Atlantic, in the United States, in the coal mines. To move such a construction machine, the Japanese manufacturer has equipped Super Dozer with an engine of more than 1,150 horsepower.

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